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Very Important Information

Breakfast Club is free for pupils from Year 1 (Miss Long`s class) upwards.You will have to register your child to have a place.The Club opens at 8.10am.Please do not bring your child earlier as the staff are not on duty. 


Cars are allowed in staff car park until 8.30am.The electronic gates are then closed on a timer and only authorised persons such as staff and delivery lorries are allowed into school grounds.


DO NOT follow authorised vehicles into school grounds after 8.30am.


School opens for all other pupils at 8.50am - staff will open the doors at this time.Please do not send children to the doors by themselves before this time as the staff will not be there to meet them.


We use a specific entrance to allow all the children who travel on our buses into school - because of the number of children who now travel to school on the buses , we will not be opening this entrance to any other pupils this year.


This year we have 4 full sized coaches bringing children to school - please park considerately so that they can drive into the school campus safely.


DO NOT drive too quickly on the road leading to the school and Trinity - some people do, and it is very dangerous.


Dinner money should be paid promptly every Monday in a sealed envelope with your child`s name written clearly on it. £11.50 per week.


Smoking OR vaping is strictly prohibited anywhere on school grounds.


We do not allow dogs , even if they are being carried , onto school grounds.


We MUST be informed in writing of any change of collection arrangements for your child at the end of the school day. If there is to be a varied collection method on a weekly basis , please ask your class teacher to provide you with a form to formally advise us of the arrangements. 


If any bus is late leaving the school for any reason , we will send you a text message to inform you.


PLEASE write your child`s name on EVERYTHING that they bring to school.


ONLY stud earrings in school please - no other jewellery of any kind is allowed.


Your child can keep their PE kit in school if that is more convenient.


Please do NOT put grapes into a packed lunch for your child.


The school Facebook Page is for information only , we will never put photographs of children on FB , and will never enter into discussions on the page.If you have any queries , please use our dedicated information channel -