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Anghenion Dysgu Ychwanegol / Additional Learning Needs

The SEN system is changing from September 2021 to a new 'Additional learning needs ' (ALN) system.

The Welsh Government is changing the way that children with special educational needs (SEN) will be supported. The new system defines SEN as Additional Learning Needs (ALN). The law is changing for several reasons : the main one is to make the process simpler and more transparent for all involved.


Find out how ALN is changing here.


Frequently asked questions here.

EP Support Line Service for parents.

Educational Psychology Service in RCT and Merthyr Tydfil


Need further advice on ALN after speaking to your class teacher and Mrs Hedges?

The EPS Support Line will be running 3 afternoons per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and offers parents the opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have regarding the wellbeing and/or learning needs of children.

This service will enable parents to access psychological support without having to wait for a school visit .

To access the EPS Support Line contact via email at

providing a telephone contact and brief overview of the advice/support required.

Once a request has been received you will be contacted by a member of our team to arrange a 30 minute consultation slot at a convenient time.

Issues we can help with:

· Supporting children with additional learning needs

· Supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Need to get in touch with us in school?


For any further information on ALN or any queries please contact:

ALNCo: Mrs Sharon Hedges -


Or call 01685 351818.

Person Centred Practices (PCP)

At Ysgol Rhyd y Grug we aim to be person centred in the way we think and teach. We believe that each child is an individual and that learning should be personalised. We use a range of person centred thinking tools during circle time and wellbeing sessions. These tools help staff get to know the children on a deeper level and understand their needs.

PCP Tools includes;

  • Relationship circle

  • What's working/not working

  • Good day/bad day

  • 4 plus 1 question

Using these tools helps form a One Page Profile.


One Page Profiles.

A One Page Profile captures all the important information about a person on a single sheet of paper under three simple headings:

-what people like/appreciate about me,

-what’s important to me

-how best to support me.

One Page Profile Template