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School Restart Plan September 2020

Dear Parents,

I am writing with some information regarding the return to school in September so that you may start planning.  As you are all aware, Kirsty Williams announced that by September the 14th, she wanted all children in Wales back at school, full time. We cannot wait to welcome your children back to school and get back to something resembling normality.


So with that in mind, we are looking to welcome all year groups back to school as outlined in the timetables already shared with you through the website and Social media platforms. This will provide a better opportunity for your child to get to know the social distancing rules within the school building, become familiar with new routines, but most importantly, get to know their new teachers.


By Monday, September the 14th, all of the children will return. The School kitchen will be open, but will be offering a lesser menu. The hot food option will be set up as a meal in a box, to ‘grab ‘n go’, the cold option will be the wrap of the day. The menu will be visible on Parent Pay, school website links and school Facebook page to help you make your choices. Classes will eat in their classrooms, with their bubble. For the week beginning the 7th of September, all pupils will be asked to bring a packed lunch as the school kitchen will not be open until the 14th.


Each class will be considered its own ‘bubble’ - within this bubble there will be no expected social distancing among the children. At present, all pupils however still have to maintain a 2m distance from all adults, as do the adults who work in the school with one another. However, no social distancing is expected when outdoors, so during break and dinner times, the children will be able to mix


Return to School on a Page:

There will be no breakfast club provision until further notice.


For the first two weeks of term ONLY the MAIN GATES will be accessible, and they will not be opened until 8.50am – all parents and pupils should follow social distancing protocols when entering the grounds. Staff will be available to show you the drop off and pick up locations. Please leave the site immediately following social distancing guidelines.


Please do NOT send your child to school if they are unwell – this includes symptoms which are not Covid related.


Timetable for phased return is on our website -


ALL pupils back on Friday, September 11th.


Pupils will be required to wear School Uniform on their return in September (no PE clothes or trainers please)


Pupils can bring a pencil case and a bottle of water, but please no other unnecessary items from home. A small bag for packed lunch and a coat if needed is fine.


NO school meals during the week commencing September 7th on the phased return days – you MUST provide a packed lunch.

Reduced menu starts on September 14th – you order through ParentPay as usual.


School transport to be back to normal with full capacity - without the need for wearing face masks. All timings,pick up and drop off locations remain the same as last year. The timetables are published here on our website


At the end of the day the following times will be used:

Brothers and sisters from the Main Hall at 3.15pm – we are currently trying out a new exit for this purpose-we will inform you if this changes.                                                                    Individual pupils to be collected directly from their classroom external doors at 3.15pm

We will be aiming to get all pupils on the buses and taxis by 3.30pm so please be mindful that they may be arriving at the bus stops earlier than usual.


After school clubs will NOT be operating – this will be reviewed as more guidance is received.


We will send more information on face coverings if the authorities advise us to do so.



Please remember there are many options available for Parents to communicate with the school.

1. Telephone – 01685351818

2. Email –

3. School Website –

4. Twitter - @rhydygrug

5. Facebook page

The above list is a guide to returning to school – if there any aspects that you are still unsure about, please don’t hesitate to contact me by using

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Mr Williams.



Appendix 1

Teacher E-Mail Addresses:

Mrs Hedges

Mrs Donnison

Miss Sheppard

Mr Morgan

Mrs Davies

Mrs Tricker

Miss Clement

Mrs Evans

Miss Thomas

Miss Long

Miss Jenkins


Miss Jones

Mrs Phillips