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Race for Life Rhyd y Grug

Rydyn ni`n cynnal Ras Hwyl yn yr ysgol ar ddydd Mercher , Gorffennaf 10fed i godi arian tuag at Ymchwil Cancr.Bydd taflenni noddi yn dod adref dros y diwrnodau nesaf , does dim rhaid codi arian-bydd y plant i gyd yn gallu cymryd rhan ar y diwrnod. Diolch am eich cefnogaeth di-flino i ni fel ysgol.



We are holding our own Rhyd y Grug Race for Life on Wednesday , July 10th to raise money for Cancer Research.We will be sending a sponsor form home before long if you and your child would like to raise money for the charity , but this is purely voluntary as every child will get to participate anyway.Thank you as always for your support if you choose to help with the fundraising.We intend to set up a JustGiving page at the start of next week,but will keep you informed as to when that will be live.Each child will also be issued with an official name and number tag for them to write a message of support at home before race day.

Diolch o galon!