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MARCH 26th - 8.30am

Dear Parent/carer,
Since Monday we have been working to secure a robust method of getting meals to pupils who are eligible for free school meals. On Monday we asked for those not in self-isolation to pick up meals
from specific schools and we only delivered to those in self-isolation. This was not success and many, many meals were not picked up.


Following the announcement on Monday evening we attempted to deliver to everyone yesterday, despite our best efforts this didn’t work. Today we had asked schools to let us know which families wanted the meals but once again there have been a number of families that have missed out. We have more delivery vans tomorrow and all schools have let us know which
families have asked for meals, we have also centralised some of the catering facilities that make the meals, this will enable us to better meet the demand across the local authority.


Moving forward there are different options being considered to provide food to those eligible for support and your schools will keep you informed of any changes.


Thank you for your patience during this week, it has not been easy but with the help of your schools, yourselves and a wider number of delivery vans and operatives I am hopeful of a better service.


Sue Walker
Chief Officer Learning