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January 27th

As you will be aware , there are numerous tasks and activities being set by all class teachers and support staff at the moment. There are 2 tasks per day in the Foundation Phase and 3 tasks a day in Key Stage 2. These are being supplemented by pre-recorded instructional sessions and two live catch-up sessions for everyone each week.


The latest addition to Google Classroom is the opportunity to exchange voice messages between pupils and staff if the children need further clarification on any matters.


The reason for writing is to try and get more children to engage with these sessions and to offer further support to try and improve the number of pupils benefiting from all the work being provided for them.


If you are having difficulty with appropriate devices - please contact the school to arrange to loan either a Chromebook or an iPad. You will have to sign an insurance disclaimer , but most loans can be arranged within 24 hours.


As always during these difficult times , the staff are available to answer questions and give advice through email. 


Please make us aware of any issues you may have which may be impacting your child’s ability to engage with the work being set , so that we may work with you to try and overcome them.