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Christmas Concerts 2018-Information

Christmas Concerts 2018.

Our Christmas concerts this year are being held on the following dates and times:

Nursery / Reception – Mrs Harvard and Miss Worton

Concerts: December 4th and December 5th at 1.45pm

Tickets on sale from: Monday , November 19th


Years 1 and 2 Miss Thomas / Miss Long / Mrs Evans

Concerts: December 12th and December 13th at 1.45pm

Tickets on sale from: Monday , November 26th


KS2 Miss Clement/Mrs Davies+Mrs Tricker/Mr Morgan/Mrs Donnison/Mrs Hedges

Concerts: December 18th at 1.45pm / December 18th at 6.00pm                                                              December 19th at 1.45pm / December 19th at 6.00pm

Tickets on sale from: Monday , December 3rd


  • Tickets are being sold seperately to make sure that we can accommodate all requests for tickets in an orderly way.


  • Please don`t mix ticket money with dinner money,as sometimes it takes longer to process ,and may lead to delays in getting the tickets to you.


  • We aim to return tickets on the same day,but certainly no longer than one day waiting time.


  • Tickets are limited to two per family at the start of the process , we will let you know if there are any spare tickets via text messaging service.