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20/3/2020 - 6.45am

Bore da,


We are awaiting two major decisions today by the local authority:

1) The provision of education for keyworker children.

2) How the local authority intend to provide food for pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals.


As soon as these decisions are confirmed with us by official sources , we will contact you directly.


All resources are now online - - class pages and at present a news page which contains many resources for the Foundation Phase.


These resources will be added to on a daily basis , but there are plenty for you to be starting with from Monday onwards.


After today , we will be assessing how many paper packs have to be mailed out. As “luck” would have it , the school photocopier has malfunctioned , so if any of you are a Xerox engineer , we would be most grateful!


We are going to make today a special day for the children , we never thought that we would ever be in this horrible position , and are all hoping that we can get back to normal as soon as possible!


We will create video messages from all the school staff and post them on our website so that the children can see us every day (If they want to!)


But in the meantime - please stay safe , stay in and stay in touch!


More updates when they are available.